All-Ceramics What’s New? What’s Proven? Controversies and Clinical Tips

Dr. Damon Adams

6-7 PACE/CERP Lecture CEUs

Confused by all the choices? Don’t be!


Knowledge of the latest indirect dental materials is vital to maximizing the aesthetic and functional success of your team-created restorations. Dental materials are sometimes being brought to market and widely used in patients without adequate science-based evidence. In this engaging all-day program, Dr. Adams will share numerous clinical tips while helping to increase your understanding of the most advanced materials with the goal of making better-informed choices. This science-based presentation is recommended for doctors, chairside assistants, hygienists (in restorative practices) and dental laboratory technicians.


Lecture Topics (This course is continually updated and topics can vary depending on the actual lecture time allotted.)
  • The basics classifications/indications of the all-ceramic materials currently available
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each class of modern all-ceramic materials
  • A review of some of the latest developments and innovations in the world of all-ceramics
  • How to minimize all-ceramic fractures/failures to reduce stress and increase profits
  • 100% zirconium restorations: Future challenges? Solutions!
  • Preparation and core build-up requirements for monolithic zirconia and lithium disilicate
  • Dentin preservation versus endo access, ferrule, and post selection
  • What are the best cements for all-ceramics available today? The latest approaches to increase bond strength and decrease microleakage
  • A brief update on the latest surface treatments and best cement choices for all-ceramics
  • Important all-ceramic polishing protocol for hygienists and doctors
  • Treatment planning considerations for all-ceramics: opening the doctor-technician channels
  • Are all-ceramics always the best choice? Alternatives?
  • All-ceramic polishing and prophy protocols for hygienists/doctors
The obvious difference between you and so many others is the way you CONNECT with the audience on a PERSONAL level, not conducting your lecture like a business transaction.

Dr. B. M. (SEDA)

Let me honestly tell you that your lecture was the best I saw (at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting), including Christensen's. You cruised through a lot of great points without belaboring over any too long, you were light-hearted without trying to be a comedian. You had a complete grasp of your information. You challenged us to know more about our dental materials without being condescending!

T.N. (2014 CMW Meeting)

In my opinion, you are a world class speaker with an oh-so-relevant choice of material to cover.  Your delivery is relaxed and engaging…..with just enough humor thrown in. Your material should be mandatory to the profession! You're a "head-liner"!

Dr. M. G. (2014 CMW Meeting)

Trends, Hot Tips and Innovations

Dr. Damon Adams

3-6 PACE/CERP Lecture CEUs

A supercharged update on what you need to know!


In this unique all-day seminar, Dr. Adams, from his perspective as editor-in-chief of one of North America's leading clinical news magazines, will present a clinically relevant update on trends in dentistry today. This scientific presentation touches on current innovations and controversies in the field, and will also place a special emphasis on clinical tips designed to assist the dentist and team in properly implementing the latest lab-fabricated dental materials and treatment protocols. This science-based presentation is recommended for doctors, dental technicians, and chairside assistants.

Lecture Topics (This course is continually updated and topics can vary depending on the actual lecture time allotted.)
  • The latest all-ceramic trends and relevant studies related to success/failure
  • 100% zirconium restorations: A candid review and update on important practical clinical challenges that will affect doctors and technicians in the long-term. (Solutions will be presented.)
  • 6-step prep protocol for monolithic and lithium disilicate preparations
  • A novel way to accurately treatment plan and minimally prepare for anterior all-ceramic cases
  • New coping design for layered zirconia on the horizon? Myths versus research!
  • Material choice protocol: aesthetics versus strength
  • Endo access and post considerations for all-ceramics; future endo technologies?
  • Future endo technologies that will dramatically affect the way restorative dentistry is done on treated teeth?
  • One-hour in-office dentures
  • Breakthrough in oral cancer detection
  • The role of occlusion in the longevity of all-ceramics. What can we do differently to improve our long-term results?
  • Ways to improve bite registrations so your dental lab team can give you back better occlusal results
Thank you for giving a magnificent presentation (Trends, Innovations, Controversies and Clinical Tips) this past weekend. We received nothing but positive reviews from our doctors and their teams. Many of us feel like we have our nose to the grind stone day in and day out, and don't have time to look up and research what is new in the field. We appreciate the way you take in everything that's happening in the industry and give us the 'low down' in just a few hours. We look forward to having you back next year!

Dr. S.C. & B.D. (Center for Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry - Dallas TX )

Disclosure: Dr. Adams has absolutely no financial interest in any of the dental manufacturers mentioned in his articles or lectures. He receives no compensation of any kind from any manufacturer for writing articles or creating lecture materials. In sometimes mentioning specific manufacturers and products in the course of his lectures and hands-on workshops, Dr. Adams is not endorsing any product or manufacturer over another. The actual material and equipment choices that doctors and laboratory owners make are strictly their own decision to make, and due diligence must be given in selecting specific products based upon the needs and technical/treatment goals of all parties involved. Dr. Adams works as the editor-in-chief of Dentistry Today in an independent contractor relationship.