Dr. Damon C. Adams

Dr. Damon C. Adams

Dr. Adams, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Dentistry, is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Toledo, College of Medicine, Division of Dentistry. He is the editor-in-chief of Dentistry Today and is listed in Dentistry Today’s Leaders in Continuing Education. Dr. Adams lectures internationally focusing on updates in dental materials, the latest trends and innovations in dentistry, doctor-technician relationships and techno-clinical perspectives and tips. In addition to his years in private practice, he has had the opportunity to serve as a doctor-technician liaison for numerous dental laboratories throughout North America since 1996. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Society for Dental Aesthetics, and the National Association of Dental Laboratories. Dr. Adams is also a Fellow in the ICD.

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  • Confused by the number of materials? Learn How to Make Informed Choices!

    Your lecture style was very engaging, your content was critical to a restorative dentist, and I am very happy that I choose to spend the day with you. I was struggling for quite a while to gain a thorough and practical understanding of the various ceramics that I place in my patients' mouths and was never comfortable with having to rely on the abbreviated explanations and recommendations from my labs. Now, I can make informed choices. 

    Dr. K.B.
  • Zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate and diamonds! The stuff of all-ceramics!

    I think your first name is spelled incorrectly...it should be "Diamond" instead of "Damon"...your lecture was full of brilliant light!

    Dr. J.C. (Paris, France)
    2014 CMW Meeting
  • Dry subject? Supercharge it to learn what counts!

    Exquisite lectures on all-ceramics. You take a very dry subject, and with your enthusiasm supercharge the audience and hold our interest the entire time. Thank you for a wonderful day of learning. May you always have the strength to carry on our noble profession.

    Dr. C.P.
  • Dr. Adams will help you understand the modern materials that were once the stuff of dreams!

    Enjoyed your lecture. It really helps to understand the new materials that were only dreamed of when I was a dental student.

    Dr. P.F.
  • Would you like a lecturer who tells it "like it is"?

    Thank you for your honest and insightful lecture on ceramics at the Chicago Mid Winter meeting!

    Dr. S. H.
  • Learn what they did not teach in dental school!

    I attended the morning and afternoon session of your lecture on All Ceramics at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting on Saturday. Thanks for a very informative and comprehensive lecture. I certainly learned more today than I did in dental school on this topic. Thank you!

    Dr. L. L.
  • I would like to thank you for the all-day presentation at the PDC on Friday March 7th. Your clear articulation of the history and current ceramic restorative materials and the proper dental preparation techniques gave me a lot of information to reflect on.

    Dr. P.B.
    2014 Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver, BC
  • Doctors and lab teams have choices! Learn to assess what's best for each patient!

    I REALLY enjoyed your presentation! It was truly enlightening to learn more about the different types of ceramics that there are available for crowns and to have them organized. I look forward to going through the notes again just to get a better understanding of each. I have been very uncomfortable about using full-contour zirconia crowns and was relieved to see that my concerns were appropriate. It was good to learn when and where they can be used, and to use them with caution. Some of my colleagues are using them on all of their posterior crowns, because they are "indestructible", and because they cost less. That makes me so uncomfortable, as they don't seem to share the same concerns when I voice them. I find that sad, I feel like we should be assessing what is best for each patient and I feel that you addressed that point so well in the seminar.

    Dr. K. Z.
  • Dr. Adams makes dental materials a wide-awake experience!

    Wow!! I'm so glad that I got to sit in on your seminar!

    In my opinion, you are a world class speaker with an oh-so-relevant choice of material to cover. Your delivery is relaxed and engaging…..with just enough humor thrown in. Your material should be mandatory to the profession (you should know that I am a CE junky of sorts and have sat through zillions of presentations).
    You're a "head-liner"!

    Dr. M. G.
  • Thank you for giving a magnificent presentation this past weekend. We received nothing but positive reviews from our doctors and their teams. Many of us feel like we have our nose to the grind stone day in and day out, and don't have time to look up and research what is new in the field. We appreciate the way you take in everything that's happening in the industry and give us the 'low down' in just a few hours. We look forward to having you back next year!

    Dr. S.C. & Dr. B.D.
    Center for Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry
  • Learn from a leader who has a passion for teaching!

    The obvious difference between YOU and many others is the way you CONNECT with the audience on a PERSONAL level, not conducting your lecture like a business transaction.

    Dr. B M.